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Watch Something Else

In the evening after eating dinner, I decided to watch the season premiere of “Love and Hip Hop” NY edition. I wasn’t even at the 30 minute commercial break before I made the decision to stop watching the show and shows like it. I have had enough of the same…

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Do NOT Propose To Him

There is a ridiculous trend with women on reality TV, who are proposing to their men. This is not the boujie way. A man should be the one to propose to the woman. It does not matter that we are women of the what? New Millennium? (Does anyone say that…

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No Take Backs!

There is a lot f buzz going on in the reality show world, one being the show “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”. One of the story lines includes a woman who recently got engaged to a rapper, with whom she has a child with. In the midst of a heated…

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