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Could You Date A Celebrity?


A lot of women look at some of these stars and think how amazing these people look on TV, magazines and such. Some even claim them as their husbands, baby fathers, girl crush, wifey, whatever your preference! But can you imagine dating a celebrity? Sometimes the fame and glamour looks…

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The Nerve of of Some Chicks…


Supposedly Lamar Odom has been cheating on his wife with multiple women. Where have we seen foolery, with an athlete, like this before? Smh. The other woman has come out and said his wife, Khloé Kardashian found them in a hotel room and is very violent. Umm.. excuse me but…

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Do NOT Propose To Him


There is a ridiculous trend with women on reality TV, who are proposing to their men. This is not the boujie way. A man should be the one to propose to the woman. It does not matter that we are women of the what? New Millennium? (Does anyone say that…

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Convenience or Temporary Shacking


One of the few things about Steve Harvey’s book, “Think Like a Man” that made sense was how to be aware of a man’s intentions. When you are deciding to move in with your significant other, be clear about why both of you want to shack up. In this economy,…

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Love That Will Last Forever…

old couple

Falling in love is easy…staying in love takes work. There is a lot that goes into relationships but when you find “the one” it last forever. This couple has a real “Notebook” love story. Something to make you either barf or say… awww I want that! Marriages can last forever….

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Cheating In Your Relationship?


In the day of social media, going back to school and working longer and later hours at work, cheating has become more tempting. One has to be realistic as they enter into a relationship and marriage with someone. Some people believe it is inevitable and human nature to sneak out…

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Is Your Ex in Distress?


Because boujie girls have a conscience and hearts that beat love, there comes a time when someone from the past lurks up and needs you. What should you do? Chuck them the deuces and say you are not a psychologist or let them back in? Step one gut check. Step…

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Siding with the Enemy: Part I Friendship


All good things come to an end, especially in friendships. What happens when boujie girls find themselves at odds in a friendship gone bad with a cool person who is now their BFF’s enemy? Boujie Girl problems! To answer the question of girl code, if she is my enemy, she…

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Are You Dating For No Reason?


Valentines Day is over and it is on to the rest of the year. Have Boujie girls been dating for no reason and still complaining about the “lack of good men” out there to date? As you start to move forward this year, it is time to think about what…

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It’s Valentines Day… Should You Give it Up?


It is good to have sex for no reason or without purpose. Just because it is Valentines Day doesn’t mean you have to call up whomever and offer them the luxury and petting your kitty. After all, today is just one day, after tomorrow, how are you going to feel…

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Bitter On Valentines Day? Don’t Be!


Before anyone goes and slits their wrist today, it is important to remember what Valentines Day really is about. It is not just a day for couples, it is a day to send extra love to someone you care about.

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Another Facebook Rant


There is no such thing as “It is complicated” in a relationship. Either you are together or you are not. If there is a gray area, then you are not. Do not leave yourself in an area where the other person can have the choice to choose someone else over…

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I-Want-Her-Life- Syndrome


There is a syndrome that has not been diagnosed. The “I-want-her-life- drom”. It comes from a mixture of low self-esteem and a tad of envy. Jealousy is not apart of it because jealously comes from hate. Envy is a little different. Envy is an emotion that comes from self-pity.

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Moving In… Does it Prevent Marriage or Put You On a Waiting List?

For many boujie girls, moving in with the right guy is a major step. They have passed our checklist, unless you have been dipping in un-boujie like conduct such as moving in someone with no job or aspirations… :/ If in five years you are asking yourself if he is…

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So you a hoe? Part II


To salvage your reputation or resist getting this kind of title, it is better to know why you are making these kinds of decisions in the first place. Before you sleep with someone, do you know why you are getting it in??? Don’t wait until later to ask him if…

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