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We’re Bullying Each Other and Yes It Has To Stop


Tamar Braxton cried about being bullied on her talk show “The Real” the other day. She discussed how hurtful it was to have another woman make digs at her. While everyone knows there is more to the story, I have to wonder, why do women have to tear each other…

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The Mean Girls…


Being a mean girl should be an immature phase some women go through in their adolescent years.  Unfortunately, this phase can extend from the teeny bopper years to elderly for some. Some bullies may actually be aware that they are mean and bitchy, but others carry on with a narcissistic…

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What makes her a “Basic Bitch”?

What does the term “basic bitch” mean to you? Does it mean a regular woman, driving a regular car, with a regular job, and just plain boring? Perhaps for other women it means a woman who is not of importance? A woman that means nothing to the man she is…

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Boujie Girls do not = Mean Girls

Real Boujie girls don’t have to be nasty to get respect. FYI…respect is earned it is not something you pick up on your way out of Wal-mart.

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