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Orange is the New Black is Well… Amazing

This Saturday, my goal was to get things done for business, organize work and pretty much get my life together. Well… I started watching the new season of “Orange is the New Black” and didn’t move until Sunday. I wasn’t the biggest fan of season three but I’m still a…

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Making a Murderer Is One Sided

So there is a bunch of hype on the new Netflix show called Making a Murderer. I kept seeing it on my newsfeed and people kept telling me about it. I finally gave in and watched an episode. While it was really intriguing, something kept gnawing at me. I thought…

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Orange is the New Black

If anyone is not hip to this show yet, get on it! I watched Season one in a whole weekend once and now that season two is back, I just now completed it in less than a week. This show is on Netflix and it is worth the watch. What…

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