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Are YOU the selfish Friend?


One of the many conflicts women tend to have are other women being selfish. Before any of you start pointing fingers and naming names, step back and look at yourselves. Are you the needy one who never asks how someone else is doing? Or perhaps you ask but don’t listen…

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No Take Backs!


There is a lot f buzz going on in the reality show world, one being the show “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”. One of the story lines includes a woman who recently got engaged to a rapper, with whom she has a child with. In the midst of a heated…

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Drink Much? HUMP DAY FUN!


When going out there are a few boujie etiquette things ladies need to understand. Getting “white boy wasted” is not the boujie way! At some point in your adult lives you must stop being the one who gets carried out the bar or club. When you are in front of…

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Negativity and complaints are a major turn off…

Interesting people are ones who always have something to say. It could be big or small. Whatever they are talking about is just like them, interesting. If you notice your friendship ship is always recruiting for new members, rethink what is going on around you. Is your personality pushing people…

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Can He Call You a Bitch?

Ladies, it is so important when you are dating to watch how a man speaks. A man with a loose mouth is likely to turn it on you the moment he gets mad. Men like this you should not marry or date. The reason is that kind of foul mouth…

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Can Your “Bitch” Reputation Discredit You

With all that is happening in the media around women, it is important that boujie girls keep a calm head. In the case of the Chad Johnson Case, Evelyn Lozada is being chastised for always being a mean girl and a woman having a violent confrontation. Which, if following reality…

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What makes her a “Basic Bitch”?

What does the term “basic bitch” mean to you? Does it mean a regular woman, driving a regular car, with a regular job, and just plain boring? Perhaps for other women it means a woman who is not of importance? A woman that means nothing to the man she is…

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Too Much Education

Boujie girls with too much education are getting hated on because of their drive to have the best. There is not much support for women who pursue and attain higher degrees. They are finding it harder to find mates, are looked at by their own friends and family in a…

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Tasty Thursdays… Things Boujie Girls Should Say No To…


As we talk about things we want and don’t want. There are things boujie girls need to learn to just say no to. IT goes beyond drugs and sexy guy with the girlfriend. There are other pressing things you need to turn away from, especially if you are under pressure….

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Too many Spanx

I have recently learned that Adele, little miss “Rolling in the Deep” (my anthem) wore 4 pair of Spanx to the Grammy’s. Excuse me!? Also, Octavia Spencer wore 3 sets to the SAG awards???? What is going on? Who told them to do that? Talk about uncomfortable. **sad face**

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HIV TEST RESULTS… ON FACEBOOK?!!?!? Yup, you are a loser!

People who have the nerve to go on Facebook or any social network and show off their HIV results or STD results need to get a life. Anyone who thinks they need to prove to anyone what their status is on Facebook is a loser. Yes I called you a damn loser and let me just add, a fool.

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Signs that Your Boujie Is too Nice…

When someone borrows something of yours and does not return it call them out. Borrowing means you plan to give it back. You should not have to slyly remind them that it belongs to you. It is yours, go over her house and grab it out of the closet or laundry basket! WTF is this? You are not a charity! NEXT!!!

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