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Online Dating: Match.com verses Tinder


Getting your feet wet in the world of dating is the most daunting, worst, uncomfortable and fun thing that will happen before you settle down. One place a lot of people start is to try online dating. My sister, yes you Erika, has suggested I try Tinder, just to get…

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Catfish Much?


There is this new phenomenon about people dating people online for a long time without really “seeing” them. Not the boujie way! When dating online, invest in finding love. The MTV show “Catfish” has proven that people, who have no lives, set up completely different personas to fool people. If…

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Facebook is a Party…Behave Yourself

The madness of Facebook and Twitter continue. The way you want people to think of you is going to reflect on how you represent yourself. The saying, “It’s just Facebook” no longer works because FB has evolved into much more. Anytime you post something that you wouldn’t want your boss,…

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Facebook Poking Gone Too Far!

Well because him and I remained friendly, we would chat occasionally and I once “poked” him on Facebook. While he was defending befriending me and him wanting to show me his penis (I told them that) he said, “Well she’s the one who poked me on Facebook!” I was told there was a brief moment of silence until one of them said… “wait…she poked you?”

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Is Craigslist the New E-Harmony?

I think you need to feel out people first. I always say make in an investment if you are going to find love on the net personally. If people don’t make the time to set up a profile, how serious are they?

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