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Real Housewife an Example of Real Life


I watched last night’s episode of… sigh yes, the Real Housewives of Atlanta. It’s my guilty pleasure and yes, I am ashamed to say I watch that crap.  But the big thing about last nights episode was one of the Housewives, Phaedra Parks, husband is going to prison. I’ve blogged…

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Watch Something Else


In the evening after eating dinner, I decided to watch the season premiere of “Love and Hip Hop” NY edition. I wasn’t even at the 30 minute commercial break before I made the decision to stop watching the show and shows like it. I have had enough of the same…

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No Cable Does This?

I went without cable for maybe two weeks. In that time, I must say, I have gotten much accomplished. I have changed cable providers during this time because my contract was up and I was ready to move on, (team Comcast) Because the providers had changed, obviously I lost all…

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Take away Bravo and you would save…STOP RIGHT THERE!

I screamed at the man. “STOP RIGHT THERE! HOW DARE YOU?” It was silent for a minute before the man said, “Ma’am?”

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