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Hump Day Files: When to Take the Condom Off


Never! Just kidding. Honestly, after you have been with someone for a while, it is normal to stop using condoms and use other contraceptives when being intimate. The spreading of STDs isn’t because people who are in relationships are having sex with each other, it is because people are having…

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Hump Day Files: Threesome?


After watching a rerun of Sex in the City yesterday, I thought about why men would want another woman in the bedroom. It’s odd for them to want another man there, but two women and a man can either be a fantasy come true or your worst nightmare. No disrespect…

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The Nerve of of Some Chicks…


Supposedly Lamar Odom has been cheating on his wife with multiple women. Where have we seen foolery, with an athlete, like this before? Smh. The other woman has come out and said his wife, Khloé Kardashian found them in a hotel room and is very violent. Umm.. excuse me but…

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“What you eat don’t make me sh&^%$…”


Some people can brush off rude comments like it is nothing. Others of us will take that comment and start World War III. Us Boujie girls are about tact. We are about class, education, wealth, happiness and much more. There are a few things people should know never to say…

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What’s my number? You better mean my credit score!

Bottom line is ladies, the higher the number, the quicker they “cum” and go. My suggestion is be discreet. If you are going to do what you do, don’t be trashy about. It is just not the boujie way to give it away to anyone. As adults, you need to be socially responsible and morally responsible. Having sex with anyone is like letting a whole bunch of people eat off your plate…sorry that is NOT THE BOUJIE WAY!

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I’m his what?! His Concubine

If you are in a relationship with a man who will not commit to you, you are a concubine.
If he is married and is promising to leave his wife for you, you are a concubine.
If he is only going to your house and you have never been to his house, you are a concubine.
If none of his friends or family know who you are, you are a concubine.
If you hear from him every once in a while and it’s just for sex or when he hits you up for money, you are a concubine and possibly an ATM.

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Catch a Baller

I’m sorry, 30-40 plus year old rappers need not apply. “Starting my own record label and I’m about to blow,” also, please do not apply. Short man syndrome, complaining that all women want is money and tall dudes with big dicks, DO NOT APPLY! Who wouldn’t want a nice tall man, with a big dick and money?! PLEASE!

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Do you Know how to Dougie?

So we are getting ready to talk on the phone for the first time before we go on our date. The second he opened his mouth all the cutie stuff he did just went out the window. He kept asking if my profile picture was really me and asked if I could take a picture right now and send it to him. Then he asked if he could have a sexy personal picture then sent me a picture of his dick. All kinds of foolery!

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Flea Filled Dog and A Boujie Girl

Some low self-esteemed men are like that. Rejection somehow in their heads means she really wants me. They chase harder and harder…meanwhile your main squeeze has no clue on how to behave with you. Uh! The way the world works. I’m get back to you guys on this one…

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Kiss My…V

The lack of unity amongst women blows me away. Ever notice men don’t have to know each other yet somehow they always have each other’s backs? Can we really say the same? Since everyone is out for self these days, there is no unity or even sympathy between women. This kind of thinking is going to leave some of you ladies, if you even still deserve that title, alone with a truck load of bad karma. Remember karma is the universe’s way of telling/ showing you- you didn’t get away with that crap!

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Why oh why can’t some men have any tact?!

Who is right and who is wrong? I think to avoid all awkwardness cut off the dude. He is likely to be gone in some years (or days for some) and you may want to keep the girlfriend around. Putting a guy first is just not the Boujie way!!!

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Life Kicked My ass

One thing about being a Boujie girl that I don’t always enjoy is the lack of respect I get from others! Last week was crazy, just crazy.

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Top 10 Things You Never Tell A Boujie Girl

If you want to get with a Boujie Girl…know what to not say before you open your mouth.

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Blasting My Ex

Wrap your minds around this, when it’s over, it’s just that over. Get excited about better. If you thought that person was the shit, imagine what’s to come. Usually in the near future you realize they really were not all that they were cracked up to be anyways, but you can now chop it up to life’s experience. Sorry Reggie, you sexy motha….

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Goodbye Mackie?!

I thought it was sweet until I find out I was deleted of his Facebook?! Oh what the hell. Nonsense like that doesn’t move me. I think it’s safe to say, take your time getting to know people. I’m confident within 30-90 days their true colors surface and the representative you met will fade. Make better decisions when meeting people! UH!

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