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How Boujie Is Your Savings Account?


It’s no surprise that in this economy and these days period that we all need a savings account. With people’s jobs getting cut and companies going under, it’s no wonder people are sinking so fast. There is significance in savings ourselves a headache by always have some kind of money…

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Savings Account Win


The government shutting down should be an eye opener for everyone. Clearly, we have people running the country that have no idea what they are doing and worst of all, not realizing how much it is effecting other people. At the same time, it is believed everything happens for a…

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Why It’s OK to Splurge


In today’s economy, “throwing it in the bag” is not always an option for those of us who are on a tight budget. Bills need to get paid, money has to be spent on things that are a necessity and you have to get into the habit of saving money….

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Brazil Butt Lift? Yeah lift it right off your %$^#%

Will someone please tell me the purpose of this so called “Brazil Butt Lift?” The women in this commercial are ridiculous. They keep talking about a “bootie” that they don’t have. They supposedly had a sloppy ass before and now it’s like a pancake. That is not a BOOTIE. Maybe…

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