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What’s Your Creed?

creed movie

So I watched the movie Creed this weekend. I must say it was an incredible movie. What I really liked about the movie, and I won’t give away the plot, is the idea of owning who you are and start by looking in the mirror. How many of us make…

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Day 16 Who Are You Talking To?


Sometimes we speak negative things into our lives. You say things like, “I’ll never get married” or “men are shit” and are sad later when shitty men never marry you. It is really important, whenever you want something in your life, that you watch your tongue. Make sure you speak…

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Kiss My Victoria Secret


You should feel sexy 24/7. There is no reason why you have to wait to express yourself in a sexy way. This leads one to ask… should women always wear matching panties and bras? While sometimes it is not doable, there is no reason why you shouldn’t just try to…

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Hair Weaves? You Hate Yourself or Enhancing Beauty

There is a secret behind hair weaves, wigs, extensions, clip on and etc.  Some women wear them to keep everything in their lives going. They are going from one point to the next and don’t have time to style their hair, so a good hairstyle that looks great everyday is…

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Enough is Enough

Sometimes we make up a checklist of who we are and someone else’s actions make us feel, wait. Let me be clear, WE make OURSELVES feel, like we can’t check off what is great about ourselves. You can’t blame someone for making you feel a certain way because they lack, let them lack and complete what they need. You are enough. Check off everything because you really are great and you can’t let someone else’s baggage weigh down your thoughts of yourself.

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