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What Charlie Sheen’s HIV Status Means For Us


By now everyone has heard the news of Charlie Sheen announcing he’s HIV positive. He came out and announced it because he was hiding it for a while, four years I believe, and was being blackmailed. He’s not the first celebrity to come out and say he is HIV positive…

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Dating is an Audition


When a single person decides they want to date, they make the decision to either date to find someone to be in a relationship with or to spend time with someone with no strings attached. Dating is the process is where we try someone out to see if we want…

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Sleeping With The EX


This past weekend I had a lot of family at my house. When my cousin and I, with some friends, were talking about exs, my cousin made a valid point. When you break up with someone, sleeping with them puts you in a bad position. How so? You become the…

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HUMP DAY FILES: Hump Day Files: Viagra…for WOMEN?!


So a reader once emailed me and asked me advice about her taking Viagra. At first I am thinking she was nuts (if you are reading this please know that I don’t think so anymore). She explained to me that she just couldn’t keep up with what her man wanted…

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Hump Day Files: Eat What?!


Because I have been asked this question so many times, I am finally going to address it. Bookmark this post because I’m going to only address it once. This whole “toss his salad” thing, when a man wants you to put your face in his behind is not a new…

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Hump day Files: What’s His Number?


Once you have decided to have sex with your partner, one of the most important questions we start to wonder is who came before you. The older we get, the less likely you are going to find someone who is a virgin. So when you get with a guy, even…

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Hump Day Files: When to Take the Condom Off


Never! Just kidding. Honestly, after you have been with someone for a while, it is normal to stop using condoms and use other contraceptives when being intimate. The spreading of STDs isn’t because people who are in relationships are having sex with each other, it is because people are having…

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Hump Day Files: Is Lingerie Necessary?


Men are visual creatures. They see breast -they think of sex. They see sexy tall heels -they get excited. They see you eating a banana -they cum on themselves. Sometimes you just picking your nose can turn some of them on. So the question must be asked before you spend…

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Hump Day Files: Porn Addition!


They say if you go searching for things, you are going to find it. If you are on your man’s computer and just so happen to see a secret folder of videos and decide to watch it, be prepared for the porn. Some women are completely against their men watching…

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Why Holding A Man Down Makes You Bitter


In today’s economy, holding a job is getting harder and harder. It isn’t because people do not want to work, but it is because companies are going out of business and downsizing. How many people have lost their jobs recently? Thank God every day you have one. When it comes…

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Why Declaring Your Abstinence Isn’t A Good Idea


There are many women who have decided to shut the factory down in order to wait for Mr. Right Forever. Waiting is excellent. It eliminates the need of worrying about unwanted pregnancies, STD’s or worse… the fact that you gave it up to a loser! There are spiritual walks, growth…

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Mum is the Word


Whenever you are dating someone, the worst thing you can do is tell them the time frame you are going to have them wait until they have sex with you. The issue here is while you put a time limit on your kitten, you still haven’t gotten to know the…

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Happy Hump Day: IF you pull out the Lube will it kill the moment???


Picture this, you are leaving the restaurant, hopefully not some lame fast food place, you are all giggles because of the footsy you were playing at the table. You are making kissy faces. Holding hands the entire drive home. Now that you have made it, you both rip off each…

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Freaky things men want that shock women

If you are serious and choose to take off the condom, make sure you and your partner are monogamous. Know what the possibilities are of pregnancies and what you want in both of your futures. Get tested together so you know where each other stand. Be safe…sheesh I know if feels good but pills and shots don’t feel good either. Neither do crying babies!

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Who are you sex-texting?

Do something sexy like at the movies, the nasty picture you took, show it to them calmly like a text message and put your phone away. It’s random and exciting. If you are going to do it, do it smart.

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