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Gifts for the Boujie


Gift buying for someone who you think has it all isn’t always easy. I have some tips that are great to buy the Boujie people in your life. Some can be kind of pricey but others are very affordable gifts. 10 Computers You can never go wrong buying anyone a new computer or…

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Black Friday Madness


Most stores are going to be open at 8pm, Thanksgiving night, for their Black Friday sales event. Personally, I can’t even stand the crowd at the airport, let alone refrain from fighting someone for stuff in the store. My suggestion, if you are going shopping in the store, bring people…

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September Shopping

It’s that time of year again! Some of you will be pulling out last year’s fashions and killing it on the runway. Others, like myself, are flipping through the magazines searching for a new look. As we are all redefining fashion in our own way, think of places where you…

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Layers Can Slim You Down

As hot is it is in the summer, think about layering up if you want to wear something more fitting. If you have some kind of undershirt underneath your tight shirt, it slims your belly. If you have a pudgy belly (damn you tight belly have having people) wearing a…

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Boot Buying Sale!

For my ladies who love high end shoes, check out this new website I found, footcandyshoes.com and christianlouboutin.org they actually have Jimmy Choo’s, Christian Louboutin, Giuseppe Zanotti and etc on sale! Now…you already know these shoes are expensive, but 30% of $1500 is a deal!!! TRUST ME!

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Gifts Never to Give a Boujie Girl

I’m getting ready for the holiday season. I am so excited about my wish list and who I get to cross off this year. However, for those of you who are thinking of purchasing a nice gift for a Boujie girl, here are a few things you should try to avoid and why!

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Are You A Slave To Fashion?

I am a trend so I don’t need help! I get followed I don’t follow others! Just saying…

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It’s getting cold outside!

This weekend I went out with my friends. I was a poor example of fashion. I couldn’t seem to get it through my up-north-skin that the summertime was over. I had on a halter-top and almost froze! Thank goodness we were mainly indoors. This morning I woke up to go…

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