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We talked… Well Texted…

If you don’t always want to have a text message conversation with a man, keep the texting limited. I hate when I hear women tell me they have been talking to a guy for like a month and they only have had two or three verbal conversations. What the hell is…

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Text Messaging Apologies?

If anyone is sincere about wronging someone it will take more than a text apology to show an honest regret. When someone says sorry and truly believes it you can feel the apology. When they say it, it should mean they will make the effort to NOT retry your patience. …

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Excuse me but get out my life…thanks!

Some people thought I completely lost my mind and decided I needed to spend more time with them to figure out why it is that I suddenly “need space”. Others texted me back, “Well Fu%$# you too!” Oh my!

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