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Why Your Professionalism Should Stay On Facebook


Gone are the days when people said, “It’s just Facebook” and there is nothing to take seriously when it comes to FB. Yeah, it’s not true anymore. The truth is people judge you on and off Facebok, Twitter, blogs (ahem) and so on. If you are in a field where…

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Facebook is a Party…Behave Yourself

The madness of Facebook and Twitter continue. The way you want people to think of you is going to reflect on how you represent yourself. The saying, “It’s just Facebook” no longer works because FB has evolved into much more. Anytime you post something that you wouldn’t want your boss,…

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Nude Profile Picture? Not the Boujie Way?


Boujie girls are all about being confident. Apart of being confident is being sexy. When you have a Facebook or Twitter, or Instragram, is there such thing as too much sharing???

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HIV TEST RESULTS… ON FACEBOOK?!!?!? Yup, you are a loser!

People who have the nerve to go on Facebook or any social network and show off their HIV results or STD results need to get a life. Anyone who thinks they need to prove to anyone what their status is on Facebook is a loser. Yes I called you a damn loser and let me just add, a fool.

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