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After the Wedding Day?


Ok so hear is the deal, many women plan their wedding and not their life after the wedding. In other words they plan for the wedding day and not for the day after. They see themselves as a bride, in that beautiful wedding dress (Say Yes to the Dress), they…

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Wedding Murder ragedy

They look really happy.

  Last week Mail Online published a story about a British woman, 49 years old, who got married to a 31 man. On their wedding day, a gunman burst through their wedding and shot the groom claiming he owed $10,000.   A new bride was forced to watch her new…

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Left at the Alter? Can you forgive him?

Men may not be aware of how damaging humiliation is until it happens to them. Rapper, “Game” was supposed to get married but called off his wedding to his fiancée. In his tweets, he stated how much of a wonderful woman she was to him and if men had half…

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