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He Takes Your Last Name?


Zoe Saldana, the actress, got married and had twins. What makes her story so interesting, other than she once dated the hot Bradley Cooper, is her cutie husband took her last name! This was not her idea; it was his. Despite her telling him that he might get criticized if…

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Cheating with the Cheater


So this weekend I had a discussion with a few women that centered the topic of cheating with your ex on his current. If you were ever in a situation when your ex cheated on you with a mistress and he is with the mistress, him trying to mess with…

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Boujie Girl of the Month: Imani Marshall-Stephen


Imani Marshall-Stephenis

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Rihanna Behavior Leave You Single?


Tamera Mowry was recently misquoted by when she supposedly criticized Grammy award winner and platinum pop singer Rihanna and claiming men are not likely to marry you if you are displaying slutty “ratchet” behavior when soul mate searching. Ok, it is not the boujie way to leave your goodies out for display because…

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Life Slump?


2013 is supposed to be a year of great things happening in your life. We kind of say that every year but there is something about surviving 2012 that makes this year extra special. With the economy at a slump, boujie girls are having a hard time finding their space…

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Run Away ASAP or….

The internet is buzzing with the domestic dispute involving Chad Johnson and his new wife Evelyn Lozada. He was arrested on charges of domestic battery for allegedly head-butting his wife (Lozada). People can side with whoever they want to side with. Some blame her for ruining his career; others are…

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