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Bitter On Valentines Day? Don’t Be!


Before anyone goes and slits their wrist today, it is important to remember what Valentines Day really is about. It is not just a day for couples, it is a day to send extra love to someone you care about.

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Why it’s Important to Be a Reliable Boujie Girl

Your name and reputation is very important. What others think of you in a petty way may not be significant, but how they think of you in a professional matter is. Most women are quick to run their mouths and claim how important their time is and they have a…

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Moving In… Does it Prevent Marriage or Put You On a Waiting List?

For many boujie girls, moving in with the right guy is a major step. They have passed our checklist, unless you have been dipping in un-boujie like conduct such as moving in someone with no job or aspirations… :/ If in five years you are asking yourself if he is…

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Day off…Anyone???

Sometimes in a boujie girl’s life she can find herself busy every single day. If you wake up early every day and go to bed late every day, then you didn’t make room for “me time.”

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So you a hoe? Part II


To salvage your reputation or resist getting this kind of title, it is better to know why you are making these kinds of decisions in the first place. Before you sleep with someone, do you know why you are getting it in??? Don’t wait until later to ask him if…

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Thirsty Tuesday… Can you reverse your “ho” title???

For a man, when he categories his women, the title tends to stay there. After talking to some brothers about the subject of thinking that some women are hoes, their responses were mainly the same. “If I think she’s a hoe I don’t really change my mind…it is what it…

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Left at the Alter? Can you forgive him?

Men may not be aware of how damaging humiliation is until it happens to them. Rapper, “Game” was supposed to get married but called off his wedding to his fiancée. In his tweets, he stated how much of a wonderful woman she was to him and if men had half…

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Happy Hump Day: IF you pull out the Lube will it kill the moment???


Picture this, you are leaving the restaurant, hopefully not some lame fast food place, you are all giggles because of the footsy you were playing at the table. You are making kissy faces. Holding hands the entire drive home. Now that you have made it, you both rip off each…

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Snooping…. Boujie Girls are F for Faboulus… not F for FBI!


When anyone goes into a relationship the first few months are usually pretty good. If they are not, that is a sure sign you are not in the right relationship, but only later down the road will you notice these warning signs. But I digress.

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12 MEN to avoid in 2012


I went in pretty hard on the ladies we need to avoid for the New Year, now it’s time to tackle the fellez. Quit frankly, I’m mad at myself for making this list so short but I do plan on writing a book about all this so don’t worry ladies,…

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In life, you deserve love and happiness and that is just what she got. A special shout out to one of the Boujie Girls of the week! Charlene Volmar! She is not only turning 18 again but she is also celebrating being a newly wed! I applaud her and wish…

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10 Signs You are A Boujie Girl

10: You have no problem being the well-educated woman you are 9: If you earned it you know you deserve to have it, that means nice cars, updated apartments and condos, big beautiful homes, expensive bags, and overseas weaves 8: You do not look forward to going to the “hood”…

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Freaky things men want that shock women

If you are serious and choose to take off the condom, make sure you and your partner are monogamous. Know what the possibilities are of pregnancies and what you want in both of your futures. Get tested together so you know where each other stand. Be safe…sheesh I know if feels good but pills and shots don’t feel good either. Neither do crying babies!

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Dating Down the New Trend?

It is not wonder that most boujie girls hold higher positions like lawyers, accountants, office managers, ahem professors J , authors, etc. The truth is most of the men up where we are career and salary wise either can’t stand a boujie girl and run, or the market is smaller. The bigger dating market is the blue-collar man. I’m not saying the blue-collar man is any less then the baller, but they are more available. The pool of men who reach the high standard for boujie girls are getting smaller and smaller every day, so why fight and claw at that small pool of boujie men? Go for the nicer less maintenance guy. He might not have everything you have ladies, but it’s not about things, it’s about how he treats you.

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No Cable Does This?

I went without cable for maybe two weeks. In that time, I must say, I have gotten much accomplished. I have changed cable providers during this time because my contract was up and I was ready to move on, (team Comcast) Because the providers had changed, obviously I lost all…

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