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You Ain’t Got To Lie To Kick It!

After being in a relationship with my husband for 7 years, I know when he’s lying. It’s not a look in the face or how he says it, I feel it. Something in his spirit tells me when he’s lying. Then I get that invisible slap in the face. Why lie to me? It’s Mack.

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Are WE in Love Yet?

Another woman meets a nice guy. He didn’t show any qualities of a loser or crazy-stalker-who-might-kill-you-in-the-middle-of-the-night signs. After about a month, he starts talking about having no place to live and wants to “crash” at her place until he gets himself together.

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Are You FU^%$^$% My Man Part 3

After you realize that your other half is trying to make a whole with someone else, there are things we need to immediately understand. It is important to be calm at all times. Go and let your rage out somewhere else before you deal with him, because if you do it while he’s there, i.e. confrontation violent style, things will only go left. Let the shock settle when you know for sure. Do NOT go accusing anyone of anything until you are sure. Period.

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“Are you FU^%$^$ My Man” Part 2

The first rule you need to comprehend and I mean you need to get this. SHE DOES NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING. Contacting a woman that you think you man is doing God knows what with, will not guarantee you anything. You should be taking it up with him. If he is lying and you don’t believe anything he has to say, why are you with him? Don’t spend your life stressing over a liar. It’s a hard truth but you know better.

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