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Get Your Life


It doesn’t matter if you’re married, single, dating, whatever, get your own life and do not become so absorbed in your man. Here is the thing, when you center your entire life around a man, you can end up not having one (Life or man). No one here is dooming…

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How You Talk To Him


There are three types of women. Ones who are blunt and speak their minds, ones who are more quiet and tend to bite their tongues and there are the ones in between, the firecrackers. There is no way to know which one she is and it depends on her mood….

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Fellaz Friday: How Wives Should Behave


I need my wife to blend in socially.  I know you not going be like everybody, but I do expect you to but at least make an effort. Given my personality, I give everybody a chance.  I won’t deny them a chance to get to know me and visa versa….

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Life Coach Advice Day 13


Discuss the REAL reason behind those “argue over little things” moments! During the course of our relationship, many of us find ourselves disagreeing over whether the toilet seat is up or down, whether the floor should be treated as a hamper, or whether our partner replaced the milk s/he drank…

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Day 9: The Good Guy Part II

Fool boy is waiting his girlfriend

If he is good physically but doesn’t match you on paper, does that mean he goes in the no pile? The problem I have with dating a man who is not as educated as me is I don’t want anyone at any time to throw in my face that I…

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Ask A Wife: Helen Rhoads


If you don’t pay any attention to the rest of the blog posts I write/ post, listen to this. DO NOT marry a person you are not willing to FIGHT tooth-and-nail, to-the-death for!!  Just don’t do it. Now, before you go saying “but what about” or “but you don’t know about”,…

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Video Blog 1 for #GETMARRIED


This is the first of many video blogs I’m creating so we can evolve through this journey and challenge. I will post one up each week to check in and review some of the things we discussed throughout the week! See you on the blogs! Feeling fabulous… Boujie Mack

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Day Two: Who Are You?


Before we can start to think about marriage, we have to know ourselves. It goes beyond describing yourself as a “…beautiful, intelligent and independent”  woman. When you know yourself, you know the good and the bad. You have to be honest with who you are as a woman and own…

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Let’s Get Married!


I keep hearing a lot of women talk about wanting to get married and thinking that they are ready for marriage. Some are in relationships and want their significant other to propose, others are waiting for Mr. Right to swoop in and marry them soon. Either way, there is a…

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Date Night Part II: Date the Bestie


We get so busy that sometimes all we do is text and talk to our girlfriends via gmail chat, phones or a Facebook/ Instagram comments. While this is better than nothing, it isn’t much. Setting up a date with your girlfriend is a must do. Date night with the besties…

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Oh Crap He Cheated


One of the biggest betrayals a man can commit is by sleeping with someone else. What makes it so hurtful is the reasoning behind it. For men, they can sleep with someone and it be nothing and still love you like they did the day before, which for some women…

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Pretty Is As Pretty Does


There is something about looking nice that can lift your spirits. You get complements, are more productive, your head is held up higher. Everything is all good. Then there are those days when we just don’t care. We don’t wear make-up, throw something on, barely brush our hair then we’re…

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Phaedra and Apollo For Better or Nah?


Anyone who follows the Real Housewives of Atlanta is aware of Apollo Nida’s, Phaedra Parks’s husband, recent charges for bank fraud and identity theft, which he pleaded guilty for. Now he is facing 8 years in prison. Apollo, for anyone hasn’t watched the show, has been in prison before and…

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Hump Day Files: A Thing For Bad Boys?


The whole Jeremy Meeks “Prison Bae” thing has me thinking. This bad boy has women taking their panties off and checking their savings account balances all for the love of Mr. Meeks. No one can deny he is good looking, even in his family photos, other mug shots and video…

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Don’t Budge On Your Worth


Don’t lower your values because of fear. Sometimes we are in situations that we don’t particularly like. We may even find ourselves surrounded with negativity. And somehow when everything is happening, we start to blame ourselves as if we could help the world being the shitty world.  Sometimes when you…

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