How You Talk To Him


There are three types of women. Ones who are blunt and speak their minds, ones who are more quiet and tend to bite their tongues and there are the ones in between, the firecrackers. There is no way to know which one she is and it depends on her mood. When you are looking for a husband or get one, you have to learn how to talk to one. You can’t always say what is on your mind but you also can’t be too quiet. Sadly, if you are a firecracker like me, you might have to send off a warning before you explode. Either way, when you are communicating with a man, how you talk to him is going to determine how he responds to you.

Learn to be nice when you are talking to a man. Even the most aggressive woman knows how to talk to her man. If your tongue is foul, you might attract him but it doesn’t mean you will keep him. Being rude and checking him all the time on purpose can excite him but what man really wants to come home to a bitch? Your mouth is so critical in your success of finding a good man.

You can not tear your man down. A man needs his woman to uplift and support him vocally. If you are always bitching and running your mouth about everything he doesn’t do right, believe me there is some whore that will feed his ego. That does not mean you have to spoon feed him compliments. There are times when you have to give him tough love but the constant nagging and negative talk is a no-no.

imgresHow you speak about other people also makes a difference in how a man looks at you. If you are always gossiping, shit talking, or bringing up every bad thing your ex did, do not expect this man to fall head over heels. Keep negative thoughts out of your mouth. It is bad for you overall and it doesn’t make you any more attractive. It isn’t in anyone’s nature to talk shit; it is a bad habit we picked up somewhere between middle school and beyond. Cut the crap and shut your trap.

Picking out the right shade of lipstick…

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