We talked… Well Texted…

Breakup-with-DeltaIf you don’t always want to have a text message conversation with a man, keep the texting limited. I hate when I hear women tell me they have been talking to a guy for like a month and they only have had two or three verbal conversations. What the hell is that?

Some women think calling a man is going to seem like being needy, so they accept this form of communication as a means to get to know him. Wrong. Text message is supposed to be a form of quick communication. As in an update, quick note, or when you are bored at work and you can’t really talk so you text. But getting to know someone… NO!

I have told this story before about when I first starting dating after my divorce. I will forever hate my girlfriend for setting me up on a date with this guy. But this guy and I started texting and mainly texted for like two weeks. When we finally spoke on the phone, girl… this dude was so ratchet and ghetto. His grammar was far beyond any Ebonics I could understand and he had the nerve to ask me for a nude pic! I mean a freaking nightmare! No I did not go out with him because I couldn’t even carry a conversation with the man. I knew that date would be a nightmare. (Read the tragic story here.)

I know when getting to know someone, it is important to make sure you put your best face forward but when you are starting to talk to a dude and you are looking for something serious, don’t bullshit with what you want. You really can’t get to know someone via only text message. We have to learn to speak to one another without the pause for a cleaver response.

600-01614114IF you think you are bothering him or he doesn’t seem like he wants to converse with you verbally, limit your communication so he knows that you are serious. Also, it says a lot about what he wants from you. You don’t speak, you get no treats, simple as that.

A lot of guys will argue with me about this and be pissed that I’m saying this but ladies, you are in control of every date you have. Be courted the way you like and if he doesn’t like it, he can go. You are looking to attract a husband not another fail fraud loser who wants some ass.

Hitting ignore on my cell phone…

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