Not Talking To Me Honey

beyonceI was supposed to go on a date with a guy and cancelled last minute because I just wasn’t ready to date. I was newly single and was overwhelmed. Well he called me at 2 am and cursed me out saying I could have been the one and I was supposed to meet his family because he talked about me to them. (We weren’t even dating) The fact that I didn’t show up had him “All fucked up” and he carried on  like a drunken mess. I let him vent and hang up on me.

The next day he called and called and called some more. He texted apologies and left ‘let me make it up to you’ on my voice mail. I never returned his phone calls. I eventually ran into him about a week later and he apologized and asked if he could get a second chance. I told him I was not interested and walked away.

No one gets a second chance to mistreat me. He continued to beg and I had his number blocked at some point. I don’t play those games with anyone. I never gave him the idea that I was weak and I didn’t carry myself like a woman who is ok with being disrespected.

Ladies, take note. If you see bad behavior right at the beginning, walk away. I imagine it could only get worse. While we have those exceptions, numbers don’t lie on how many abusive disrespectful men are out there. Not everyone gets to enter the royal palace.

Making a duck face…
Boujie Mack

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