God Bless the Taras in the World

tumblr_mz56xf4etO1rqs3gco5_400I know I keep saying I’m going to stop watching trashy reality TV and focus on positive things but I’m addicted! I was right there watching Love and Hip Hop NY, again, SMH at everything I saw. BUT when I was watching this episode, I saw something that literally took my breath away. If you follow me on Twitter or FB, you know by now the love triangle with Peter Gunz, baby mother Tara Wallace and wife Amina Buddafly drives me crazy.

In this episode, Tara took time out of her day to meet with Amina and counsel her on what she needed to do when handling Peter. She actually seemed pretty sincere with her advice. She said she never saw herself sitting with the woman who broke up her family and offering her support. I couldn’t either and it takes a big woman to do that.

What I have learned from this episode is that forgiveness goes a long way. I don’t know if within a year I could forgive someone, who has been apart of my hurt like that but she can. Add on her two children with a man she’s been with for over 10 years and having to face this situation publically. Ouch! What are our situations?

Tara-Wallace-Amina-Buddafly-1421258787Can we, in the midst of our pain, put aside our feelings to help someone who hurt us? It takes maturity, self-love and most of all, forgiveness. There is freedom and strength when you can reach out to help your enemy. It speaks volumes about your amazing character and proves you will go far in life, as long as you continue down the path of righteousness. I look forward to Tara and all the ‘Taras’ in the world to find real, everlasting love and happiness. Cheers to the real boujie girls!

Applauding from afar…

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