Thanksgiving Pound Watch

thanksgiving-fun-facts-pg-08-full[1]With the big day tomorrow coming and everyone getting ready to stuff their face. There is nothing wrong with getting together with family and friends and not worrying about the calorie count. In fact, if there is every a day when you can fully enjoy food, it is Thanksgiving. If you are worried about extra pounds or breaking the diet too bad here are some cool tips.

Eat light in the morning and afternoon
Just because Thanksgiving dinner is a time when you can eat as much as you want, it doesn’t mean breakfast and lunch has to be a feast too. In fact, you can make a nice healthy protein shake for breakfast to keep you full for the day and have a salad for lunch. That way when it comes time for the dinner, you won’t be as hungry and you have plenty of room for extra calories, carbs and fat.

53[1]Take advantage of today and Thanksgiving Thursday
Before dinner, you can kick butt working out, make room for the food and keep your stomach tight. You do not gain 20 pounds in a day or even 5 pounds. It will take about 3500 calories to make one pound so enjoy your dinner.

Detox After Thanksgiving
Think about detoxing after the big dinner. Some people fast off certain foods, some fast of solids and only have liquids and etc. You can certainly detox after dinner to bring you back to your regular regimen. There are a few pills you can pick up to keep you in the bathroom all weekend or simple home detoxes. Either way, you can re-balance yourself after the big dinner. So have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Enoying a gluten free dinner…


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