The Boujie and The Bum

givingThe title is only to get your attention. After a meeting yesterday, I ran into a homeless man that I decided to buy dinner for. When he ordered something off the dollar menu, I turned to him and asked, “What do you really want?” He ordered a number 4. I told the girl, give me three number fours and four bottles of water. When he got all his food, he asked if I wanted some. Being a Boujie girl, I don’t eat McDonalds, I told him to enjoy. What really softened my heart wasn’t that he was grateful but from what he said while we were waiting for the food.

This dude didn’t have much. He got into an accident a year ago and didn’t have insurance. So he couldn’t work and is injured. He said, he knew God was going to get him out of his situation and he had faith that things were going to turn around . I have been going through my own stuff but nothing as extreme. I told him it was an honor for me to have met him because he taught me an amazing lesson.

Sometimes, when we go through things, we don’t see a way out or an end to our problems. Lord knows when I’m going through my stuff; I don’t want to hear someone else has it worse than you. My suggestion, for my Boujie ladies, is if you are going through tough times, give something to someone in need. It will lift your mood and allow you to see a light at the end of the tunnel you are in. Nothing is forever, so whatever you’re dealing with, take some time out to give and watch how things around you start to change.

Sending a shout out to Paul,

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