The Mean Girls…

mean-girls-movie-quotes-23Being a mean girl should be an immature phase some women go through in their adolescent years.  Unfortunately, this phase can extend from the teeny bopper years to elderly for some. Some bullies may actually be aware that they are mean and bitchy, but others carry on with a narcissistic attitude that they are better than everyone else. If you are unsure or hesitantly deny you’re a mean girl, you probably are. If you notice your close friendships have declined lunch lately, it is reflection time!

if-mean-girls-was-black-620x281 It is a known fact that women can be very cruel to each other. Most mean girls are usually found in work places, social outings (like bars, clubs etc), school, well basically these bitches are everywhere, even in your own house! If you are at work and have to deal with a mean girl, you have three choices: 1) punch her, risk getting fired and charges pressed against you, 2) ignore the miserable hoe because you are there to make money or 3) find another job and leave. Because of the crappy economy, it is better to go with ignoring. This includes not responding, giving her an ugly face when she talks, write everything down she does wrong and build your case to get her fired, whatever. This isn’t high school where she is going to knock your lunch over in the cafeteria. (If she does knock over your lunch in the break room call her a cunt and refuse to clean that mess up.)

bullyingThe truth is mean girls are battling something within themselves to act like immature bitches that are in heat. Try to understand that she is a miserable person looking to bring someone down to her level. As a boujie girl, we know that is not the boujie way to get off the throne and come down to some loser’s level. No one is saying befriend this meanie but try to understand her. Remember, if she was ok with herself then she wouldn’t be hating on your fabulousness and throwing all that shade towards you. In fact, she is probably very much threatened by you. It is her insecurity not yours. Screw her, make your money, get your education, have a good life. Simple enough?

What If YOU are the Mean Girl

You have to change. Someone is not going to tolerate your crap and you might get slapped. You have to ask yourself why you are so mean and bitchy towards others. Even if you have been like that your entire life, there is a reason why your claim to fame is negative. Really figure that out and honestly make amends with people. Yes, even that girl back in 9th grade. You will feel better knowing you did something positive than bitchy. And if you don’t want to apologize to everyone you’ve wronged, at least be nicer to those who you terrorize. You can’t be a boujie girl and mean girl at the same time. Class includes knowing how to treat others. While you are parading around being a Queen Bee, you might just find yourself in an empty kingdom…

Crossing my legs on my throne….


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