Time With The Boujie

tumblr_mzpxrt6zv51ql5yr7o1_400One thing I don’t tolerate and will continue not to tolerate for the New Year is insane tardiness. I am notorious for being late, I mean I can barely make it to work on time let alone an engagement. However, I am in constant contact with the person if I am running behind but I never show up insanely late. Not the boujie way! I might be like 5 minutes behind, the most 10. (Except my last birthday party but hey, it was my birthday!) What happens when someone is insanely late all the time with you? Simple, cancel.

I had a boujie girl once ask me how long should she wait on her date to pick her up. He was always late, like an hour plus before he shows up. I said the next time he comes to pick her up and is over an hour late, no scratch that, over 30 minutes late, wait for him to come to your house and tell him to go home. He is going to be pissed and will likely try to get you to come out, but he has to learn that your time is precious and not to be wasted. If he really wants to hang out, he’ll get a watch and learn to appreciate every moment spent with you. Smh…

cynthia-porsha-offensive-ppWhat amazes me is that people, who show up late, have the nerve to get upset when they’re the tardie ones! They expect others to adjust to their non-schedule. This is not fair to a person who took the time to show up on time and have to wait on someone else. Being considerate cost nothing. Therefore, if someone is being inconsiderate of your time, you owe it to yourself to correct how you respond to their bad behavior and how you deal with them from then on.

Still making my list and checking it twice…

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