Too many Spanx

I have recently learned that Adele, little miss “Rolling in the Deep” (my anthem) wore 4 pair of Spanx to the Grammy’s. Excuse me!? Also, Octavia Spencer wore 3 sets to the SAG awards???? What is going on? Who told them to do that? Talk about uncomfortable. **sad face**

We as women need to understand our bodies are just that, our bodies. I already told you to stop being jealous of a jpeg and appreciate your curves. No one likes back fat, jiggles, extra chins, bla bla bla… These are facts but are we killing ourselves just to “look” thin? NOT THE BOUJIE WAY!

I’m not about constant discomfort for other people’s approval and neither should you. I admit wear spanx to smooth some things out; but let’s be serious, when you are wearing lay on top of layer on top of layer to be something you are not, who are you really fooling. I love Octavia and Adele with or without rolls. And guess what, people will love you with or without your spanx too. If they don’t why are you around them in the first place?

Learn to love yourselves ladies. Remember, a jpeg is just that an image, real life is always better than an illusion.

Refusing to hold it all in…

-Boujie MACK

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