Too Much Education

Boujie girls with too much education are getting hated on because of their drive to have the best. There is not much support for women who pursue and attain higher degrees. They are finding it harder to find mates, are looked at by their own friends and family in a negative light, or simply have a hard time finding people on their level. Where does this leave boujie girls?

Anyone who downs education doesn’t have enough of it. Any educated person knows a degree doesn’t guarantee money, what a degree does is help you understand, at a deeper level, what you are good at to make money. Higher degrees are necessary in specific field. You cannot become a lawyer with a high school diploma. Before people throw around debt and student loans being the reason why they don’t want to do something, they need to check their dreams and get rid of their excuses. There is nothing wrong with being educated.

Education is intimidation for some people. When people find out someone is a lawyer, professor, doctor, or something else that require a lot of education, it is like a pink elephant enters the room. Then the questions begin right along with the mumbled hate. Why is it that people who own businesses do not get the same reaction? They may get some hate but the reaction is totally different. A boujie girl can own a hair salon but can’t become a judge or congresswoman??? What is really going on here?!

There are even some women who don’t even tell people they are going after higher degrees because they know they are going to get a negative reaction. No one should be afraid of pursuing a dream.  How do people think this country is going to be run? Some careers are less intimidating to people and is that because there is a low success rate? Writer or singer anyone? So people can pass as assumption that you won’t make it from those careers so they are more willing to “support” that than a person going to graduate school???

To any boujie girl who is out pursing a dream and find themselves alone, keep working hard, do not stop. The rest of the world will eventually catch up to the positive you are doing and eventually the negative voices fade out and turn into “I Knew She Could Do It!” bullshit.

Hanging up my masters…


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