Too Successful for A Man

slide-51A lot of successful women find themselves checking single on their income taxes, while some other women, who are not as career driven find themselves very married. The running joke of 2015, amongst successful women, is “If I were on welfare, I’d be married.” This joke derives from women thinking men are fearful of successful women. Is the joke inaccurate or are we right on thinking success will lead to a cold bed?

The Bragging
Nothing is sexy about someone announcing their resume all the time. I can’t stand a man who boasts about what he has and how wonderful he is. As a woman, it is important to be who you are but come off as a lady. Constantly bragging about your accomplishments is a turn off for men. We have to remember they are taught to be providers. If you are constantly going on and on about having this and that, being all independent, what is he to think? Of course he’s going to choose someone who wants a man not someone who thinks they’re one.

Selling Yourself Out
I also do not believe in selling yourself out for the sake of claiming a man as your own. If you have to scheme to get him, you have to scheme to keep him and that my dears are too much work! You can only fake the funk for so long before your superwoman comes out.

If a man is going to be intimidated by a woman, maybe that isn’t the right guy for you. And you can tell when they feel a certain way about a successful woman. They make funny comments that are not complements like, “Guess work is your boyfriend.” What? :/ There are plenty of men who are happy to date a woman who is just as successful as he is. If he wants to rain on your parade, grab an umbrella and leave him out to soak.

Ever notice how successful women talk to their husbands? They know exactly what to say and how to say it. They have a different tone, look at their men a little sweeter and more than likely have specific roles in the house. They might act like a pit-bull towards everyone else but I’m almost sure they are puppies at home. I’m not saying in order to get and keep a man you have to stoke his ego; he probably wants something else stroked! 😛 But you do have to give him a reason to want you as his lady. There can only be one who wears the pants but a skirt has more power.

1-ZcbqLoEmpRFi5YgRD3Yg-wWhat are you supposed to take from this? Be yourself, not your resume. You don’t have to tell a man everything all together. Give him pieces at a time; they can only take in so much information anyway! (Shots fired!) Showing a person the layers that make you –you is unique. However, dumbing yourself down, suppressing your inner fabulousness is not worth your soul. Not for a man or anyone. Be your true, amazing self.

Smiling at my degrees…

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