The Over the Top Boujie Lifestyle

woman-shopping-on-a-budgetWhen people are “Keeping up with the Joneses,” by buying things, it is detrimental to their real lifestyle because they cannot afford it. I’m talking about major purchases you cannot keep up with such as homes, cars, boats, memberships, vacations and so on. A lot of debt in this country comes from credit that people are not able to pay back.  While I understand it sucks to be broke or living from check to check, while everyone around you is just “ballin”, it is important that you consider your own well-being.

Being around people who have it all and spend what they want to spend, won’t make you any richer. You can still have these friends but know your own limits. Be honest, are these people going to help you out because you chose to buy an expensive purse with them over paying your car note? Is impressing people really worth you taking a hit on your credit score? Better yet, living way beyond your means, does it really add to your life or add stress to it?

Try keeping up with yourself. You have your own bills and worries that need to be focused on and having a peace of mind is more important than looking good to someone else. Impress yourself by working hard and aiming for a better job that is going to pay you better, so you can upgrade your lifestyle. Award yourself but saving up for a bigger purchase that doesn’t include credit or interest rates. This can be done! It takes discipline and understanding your self-worth. At the end of the day, it isn’t what you have that makes you, it is you making use of what you have.

Sliding my credit card back in my bag…

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