Hump Day Files: Toys or No Toys??

superstock_1433r-163019I wasted my time watching Basketball Wives, just one episode though; I’ve given up on that show a long time ago. The ladies decided to give one of the wives (the only one on the show who’s married) a bag of dildos since her man is constantly gone. If you were in her situation, are a bag of those goodies a perfect gift for those lonely cold nights or are you opening the door for unnecessary heat?

Men tend not to like toys because it gets the job done faster than they do sometimes. It isn’t always possible that a man takes you to the promise land every single time. There is something call a pocket pussy. How would you feel after laying it on your man and he pulls out this pocket pussy and goes ham on it? And you are just standing here like… wait wasn’t I enough? That is how your man feels when you find fresh batteries and disappear or he goes to sleep and you start vibrating in the middle of the night. It’s messed up. It can be also be an intimacy killer not to mention his ego! Put the toys away.

burrussWhat if he’s gone a lot or you’re single? Here is the deal, there is nothing like the real thing. The problems with toys are they don’t talk back, don’t cuddle and you still have to clean up after yourself. The good news with toys is they relieve stress. They can be addictive sometimes and you may find yourself spending time with yourself because you have it there verses getting well a life. Rushing home to the vibrator, not the boujie way?!

If you are going to have a toy, make sure you are not abusing it. Try not to whip it out after you have sex that is just rude. Smh. Keep it clean, some people throw it back into their panty draw like there is no bacteria that can stick to it. Also, be sure to hide it in case your mom comes around, she is going to tell you it keeps a man away and shun you for having one!!!


Replacing batteries out of my remote…


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