After the Wedding Day?

good-in-whiteOk so hear is the deal, many women plan their wedding and not their life after the wedding. In other words they plan for the wedding day and not for the day after. They see themselves as a bride, in that beautiful wedding dress (Say Yes to the Dress), they see the bridesmaids, the beautiful colors, the picture perfect day, but somehow they forget that they are only a bride for a day and they will be a wife a lot longer. That’s why so many women can overlook obvious character flaws in the men they plan on making their husband’s hopefully for life, because they cannot see past the wedding day…

Men on the other hand don’t really care much about the color scheme or the wedding venue, the only thing they care about is how much it’s going to cost and how fast can we get to the honeymoon suite (sweet). The reality is that the wedding dress may turn brown after time, the name of the venue may not even be remembered but what will matter most is, have you planned for life after the wedding day?

tumblr_m5qcuk4pcm1r3zat8Do you really know the values of the man you plan on calling your husband, your spouse? How does he get along with his mother and/or sisters if he has any? Does he treat them with respect and dignity? How does he manage money? Is he always borrowing money from you now, it will get worse after the wedding day has long been forgotten. What is his philosophy on child-rearing? What does he think about shared duties in the home? How did his father manage the home, if he was raised by a father in the home? All these will become of greater importance the longer you are married. What may a simply annoyance now, may become a source of great pain later.

So ladies, what does a man really want? He wants a wife who will respect him, allow him time to grow into himself, give him recreational companionship (i.e. love the things he loves). And even though you may know better about a subject, you don’t have to vocalize it, because no one really likes a ‘know-it-all’. And above all, don’t take yourself so serious, learn to laugh a lot, even at his dumb jokes!!

Husband… Phil A.

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