Well Wishers… Please Shut Up Part II

kandi_0Nothing pisses me off like someone who just throws shade on the changes in your life. Because you changed, you should be thrown out the cool kids club? If you don’t agree with how someone changed their life, then agree to just focus on yours. Smh!

Let the Church Say Amen
Just because your friend decided to take a path you don’t walk, it doesn’t mean they are all weird now and deserve to be isolated. Not all Christians walk around trying to condemn people all day. They are still the same person just with a different walk. Don’t say something stupid like, “Oh you all into Church now?” You sound like a heathen. Get out of her face.

Slim Trim
I know my ladies are working hard at finally dropping those pounds. Nothing is worse then when you are making progress and hearing someone say, “Don’t loose too much weight” or “you need to stop losing weight”. First of all, hater, no one asked for your damn opinion. Lose as much weight as you want to, just do it the healthy way and do it for yourself. Try to ignore the foolishness and be fabulous! “Oh you look sick.” Oh yeah? Well you look bloated. Have a seat!

Babies, Babies and More Babies
My cousin had a baby last year and she told me how much her friends now avoid her and she doesn’t feel like she has friends anymore. I was all sad because I wondered if I distanced myself from friends who had babies. It wasn’t done maliciously; I just assumed they need time with family. (Sorry!) But what she told me that pissed me off was people commenting about her not having a life because she had a kid. Wait a minute… what? She said she could barely get an invite for a mani and pedi without someone saying, “Don’t you have that baby?” Excuse me? This is why mommy groups were created because of foolishness like that. So because your friend had a baby, she’s an alien? Don’t do that. Your time will come and you hope your friend is a better friend to you than you were to her.

I can go on about this one boy. My “Get Married” series ruffled a lot of insecure feathers. What I get from my newly married friends or friends who have been married for a while is this one rude ass comment and I got it too when I first got married, “Are you STILL married?” Excuse me? Come again? So you assume I’m divorced??? This comment is so rude and so nasty. Goes to show what people think about you huh? Or even worse, “I could never get married” comments while you are sitting there with your bling. I’m going to need you baddies to STFU. What you would or wouldn’t do comment is inappropriate and stupid. So keep that mess to yourself.

I really hope this year beings some intelligence to people. I mean 2015; there is access to plenty of self-help books, life coaches, doctors and so on. I need people to learn to zip the lips and have a few seats.

Sipping my tea…

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