We’re Bullying Each Other and Yes It Has To Stop

tumblr_mqm5poHTce1qmlxnxo1_500Tamar Braxton cried about being bullied on her talk show “The Real” the other day. She discussed how hurtful it was to have another woman make digs at her. While everyone knows there is more to the story, I have to wonder, why do women have to tear each other down when they are feeling down or defensive? Some women go as far as comparing another women to animals and inanimate objects. Is it that serious!?

Say what you want about men, but most of them don’t go on long stints of bullying in their adult age. Women will down right drag and attack each other over the pettiest things. Some women will use coward ways of insulting someone like posting it online, sending a weak email, commenting on a picture and so on. It doesn’t matter if the person is famous or not, people need to learn to cut the BS. Shooting blank bullets or weak shots is gross. Have some freaking class!

Bullying can take place in other places past online. The work place is where a lot of bullying happens. People are in cliques and treat a particular co-worker a certain way, which is wrong. Making comments just loud enough to hear or giggles when someone walks by. I mean what is that about? Grow the hell up.

JenTears-13596538341At the end of the day, you are responsible for your actions. Bullying someone by saying mean things are a vile disgusting behaviors. Women need to cut it out and stop. We are not little girls who don’t know better, we do. Stop talking trash about people’s children. Stop running someone else’s business in the streets. Stop being intimidated by a woman who is working hard at her shit so you insult her. Just stop it. We can’t all be the same so why not be the best at what makes us different.

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