Day 10: Fellez Friday ‘What I Want in A Wife’

imagesWhen I think about having a wife, one thing that is important is she has to know how to cook. I can’t afford to eat out every night. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect her to cook every night but can a brother save some cash? I am not a selfish man; I will pull my own weight. Men genuinely like things done the old fashioned way; women take care of the house and we handle the money. We know it’s 2014 and women are independent and we don’t want it always to so old fashioned but we have to be the man in the relationship.  

I had an ex say that she would clean and she would not feel right if I cleaned, if she lived with me. I’m with that. But I’m grown and have lived by myself, and I know how to clean. I am accountable for how things look at my place but I agree with what she said about her keeping the house clean and for me not to worry about it. That doesn’t mean she will always have to clean but it’s nice to know she’s going to make sure our home is always clean. This leaves me to take care of other things in our house, like fixing and providing. Two heads/bodies are better than one.

I pull my own weight in multiple facets.  If something needs cleaning, I can do it myself without waiting for my woman to do it. I won’t wait for you to come home, after a long day at work, and act hopeless and helpless. How about I have dinner ready and kids already cleaned sometimes, so you can chill for once. I might not do it every day but willing to do it as many times as I can. If it keeps our house happy, than I’m happy.

J. L. Smith, ATL

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