Wives Wednesday: What You Should Do For Him

0515_couple-cuddling-in-bed_smI’ve been with my husband for six years and married to him for two years.  Although we, of course, work to keep it fresh, at times it can be pretty routine.  Life can become more about completing tasks—cleaning, cooking, working, laundry, etc—than actually living.  The trick, I think, is to find ways for you and your spouse to continuously and genuinely enjoy one another.  In other words, don’t forget how to have fun and always make time!  Here are a few ways I try to keep it sexy and entertaining with my husband:


Dress for you, and he’ll notice: One of the techniques I’ve been using lately is keeping it sexy and fly for me, not him.  Now, you might be thinking, “Not him? I thought I was supposed to keep it sexy for my man.”  In my experience, it helps to make sure you’re doing it for you first and foremost.  Wear whatever makes you feel amazing, and (trust me) he’ll notice. When we put on clothes that make us feel flirty and beautiful, we are walking that walk, honey!  We are truly comfortable and confident, and to a man, that is the epitome of sexy!

happy black coupleBe silly: Most of the time, it is a good idea to keep your relationship light. Of course, you will have the more serious conversations regarding bills, conflict mediation, and other pertinent issues that come up in your marriage, but the majority of the time you can swap that serious face for fits of laughter and a toothy smile.  Crank up your favorite tunes and have a five minute dance party in your living room, run in the rain together for no reason at all, lock eyes across the room and then make a silly face to see who laughs first, have staring contests, speak to each other in your best sexy accent, or let loose in whatever way brings that silly, child-like spirit back into your relationship. (And yes, I do all of these activities and more with my own husband, so I’m sure when we have children and they’re old enough to be embarrassed by us, they will be!)

To Be Continued Until Next Week!
Much Love, Mrs. Stephen

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