What’s my number? You better mean my credit score!

I’m sorry but this fascination with how many sex partners people have is irritating me. On facebook, my girlfriend and fellow writer, wrote an article on “Your Tango” about women having too many partners and men judging them. The guys on my facebook went in! Special shout out to Jocelyn and Ruben for getting in there.



Bottom line is ladies, the higher the number, the quicker they “cum” and go. My suggestion is be discreet. If you are going to do what you do, don’t be trashy about. It is just not the boujie way to give it away to anyone. As adults, you need to be socially responsible and morally responsible. Having sex with anyone is like letting a whole bunch of people eat off your plate…sorry that is NOT THE BOUJIE WAY!

The main number people these days should be worried about are their credit scores, bank account numbers going up, (hopefully) and days of joy. I’m keeping this short. Age and sex partners are just boring me…on to the freaking next!

this movie is still something to watch for laughs! 😉

With my nose in the air, I’ll wait for you later.

Boujie MACK

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