What’s Your Creed?

woman looking in mirror So I watched the movie Creed this weekend. I must say it was an incredible movie. What I really liked about the movie, and I won’t give away the plot, is the idea of owning who you are and start by looking in the mirror. How many of us make moves, plans, have goals but don’t look in the mirror. It’s almost like we avoid the mirror because it would slow down all those moves, plans, and goals. When I look in the mirror, I see someone I, sometimes, don’t recognize. A person who has a lot scars, nightmares and fears. Someone who isn’t very healthy and sometimes reckless, depending on my mood. When I looked in the mirror, like really looked, I saw a lot. There were some good things I saw too but it was hard to see the good when the not so great staring back at you. My reflection isn’t the boujie girl I always show everyone, in fact, I don’t like always looking at her.

The not so great looking back at me is temporary. The things I don’t like about myself are so changeable it isn’t even funny. While I have to accept certain things about myself that make me oh so boujie, the things I consider flaws both inside and out are not permanent because I can change. With change comes pain but the pain is short; like my… let me stop. 😛

The Creed movie showed drive and the will to do whatever it takes to accomplish a goal. Isn’t that what all the Rocky movies were about? The acceptance of self. The ambition to fight to the end no matter what the outcome is. I challenge my boujie girls to look in the mirror. Wash your pretty face, take off the wig or pin up the sew-in, if you have one, and look at yourself. Is the person looking back who you want to be? Perhaps she is, and if she’s just want you want, congratulations, come up with other goals to make her better. We can never be satisfied with anything and we should always look for more. For the ones who are in the not so great phase, join me in changing. Phuck it, it’s January and what better time to start like now. We’re almost done with the first month of the year, so why not start changing the girl in the mirror to someone you like.

little girl looking in mirrorLet me be clear about something. Changing doesn’t mean you change into whoever was photoshopped in a magazine.  Change is something you want out of your life so you can be happy with the person looking back. Set her some new goals to keep pushing. Change has nothing to do with who you left, who left you, what you want to prove to someone else, nah, phuck that. This is about you. When you leave this earth, the only one who comes with you is the person looking back. Will you be satisfied with the person who smiles back or saddened because you let outside forces and the flesh defeat both of you? We all have a fighter within us; we just have to trust ourselves to TKO the obstacles that keep us from being happy with the lady is looking back at us. What’s your creed?

Looking for my running shoes…


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