When Girlfriends Are Single

picture-8There is nothing like the support of your girlfriends when you and your main squeeze split. However, there are certain girlfriends you probably should let them find out on their own, rather than tell them. Others, you might need to make it clear this is not something you want to talk about because they will be ready to bash the dude, your relationship and everything else about your former love affair. It just seems like some girlfriends are happier about your heartbreak than sad! Some are happy that you are single with them, others are just miserable and want you to be miserable with them. All in all, us boujie girls don’t want to hear certain crap after we break up with someone.

tumblr_myi1hoKgpn1s4cfkpo1_5001. You Are Better Off Anyway
This saying right here does nothing for the mentality. Unless he was a cheating, abusive asshole, going off into singledome can be scary, especially when you were in a long-term relationship. It will be a while when “the better off” shows his handsome face.



tumblr_mq7d8unf8v1razwnio7_5002. I Never Liked Him
There are some things we can do without. Whether or not you liked him is irrelevant. Your girlfriend might assume you were wishing bad on them the entire time. Well now I don’t like him, happy now!? This comment can shove it.



tumblr_mb19p3a1fm1qja3x0o1_4003. He’s the Man That Is Going to Lead You To the One
This has to be the most hated comment. First of all, what happened to the several others before him? But most of all, when you are in emotional pain, all you would have wanted was the one. Did you have to go through time and effort with your ex? Just shut up!




large4. He’s Going to Be A Better Man Because Of You
This is the worst thing you can say to ANY woman who recently spilt with her bae. First of all, you don’t really want him to be better without you. That is just real. Who wants to see their ex have this wonderful life after them, especially when he messed up her life. You are not a man trainer. F him and the broad he’s going to supposedly going to be better with. Zip the freaking lips already!


kandi_05. Did You Get Your Stuff Back?
Unless, you were plotting this, you might’ve been blindsided by the breakup. When you first breakup with someone, the last thing on your mind is getting your things back. (For some. I keep a list just in case) You’re not thinking of that old school CD or DVD that was in the collection. You’ll likely get your clothes, electronics and more important stuff as you bail. You might want to change the password on the Netflix. There will be no watching movies with some random! Nah playa!


images6. I Knew He Was Too Good To Be True
This is the sleaziest comment. In the back of your mind you wanted him and I not to work? Some friend! Just because you messed around with some dogs doesn’t mean I had one. Smh… Ladies this is not the type of friend you want around you. Just saying!



happy-campbell7. He Never Loved You
How cold is this comment? Really? Since when did you become the queen of knowing if someone loved someone? That kind of negativity is not warranted. Ladies, if you have a friend who would dare say something so trashy to you during your hard times, curse her out. No one knows what went on in your relationship BUT the two of you. Smh.


giphy8. You Think He was FU^$% Someone Else?
Why oh why would you ask a woman, who recently split with her dude, this dumb ass question? Some women can be a dumb as men and twice as miserable. They would rather their girlfriend be in the middle of a scandal that lands them in singleville, so they can either gossip about it or thrive off it. Either way, we’re not impressed with that type of comment. I mean, how do you answer that without it leading to more pain? I can’t.




9. He’s Gay

This comment cracks me up. You really shouldn’t say it but it can break a smile on your friend’s face. The reason why this comment is not good is because, well because who wants to be with a gay guy in a heterosexual relationship?! The reason why it’s funny is because we think it at some point. But hold back on the gay police if the breakup is really recent.


200_s10. You Should Date This Guy
Ok, pump the damn breaks! Give your girlfriend a minute before you start throwing more dick at her. When you are in recovery stage, it’s best to focus on getting yourself together and moving on. Before you start dating, make sure you can listen to a love song without wanting to murder your ex or break down crying. Give your friend time to become herself again before you want to start hoing with her. Smh…



11. He Ain’t Shit
Listen, I know you want your girlfriend to feel better but talking shit about her dude isn’t going to make it any better. In fact, don’t be surprised if she gets defensive. Don’t start talking shit even if she does. Sometimes you ladies take it too far when someone is venting. You want to add in your 2 cents, but you really add like ten dollars and end up arguing with your girl. A simple, screw him is sufficient.


week-in-review-kendall-jenner-gifs-one-directionThe only one you can’t avoid annoying comments from is your mother. My mother has a habit of making things worse. She will go from I’m sorry this is happening, to what did you do? Really, mom, you are going to place the blame on me?! Then again, if I went on a job interview and didn’t get the job, my mother blames me for it too! Sigh. If everyone would just please shut the phawk up!


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