Who Should Pay on A Date?

paying for datesThere is a video about a guy explaining women should offer to pay on the first date or on a date period floating around on Facebook has all the guys are fired up. My thoughts are people see a title on a page and repost without watching the video and seeing what it’s about. I agree with most of what the guy said and here is why.

He said when you are dating treat the date as you would a friend. That makes a lot of sense because we would never constantly make our friend pay for our meals all the time. I mean that isn’t the Boujie way right? So, why have a guy always pay for the meal. His comment was by doing this it sends a message to the guy that he has to pay for your time. In this day and age, dudes aren’t even taking women out anymore. They would rather the whole Netflix and Chill shit. Could this be the reason why? According to the guy, by taking women out, men looking at it as an investment for pussy rather than getting to know a woman.

If we can change the language and behavior of how to date and treat these guys as we would each other, would the fellas treat and respect us better? I always say starting a friendship with a potential bae can lead to a stronger relationship. So I agree. Let’s start there; treating them like our friends.

Watch the entire video. He makes a lot of good points but watch it all the way through to the end. Enjoy and Happy Friday!

Prepping for my date…

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