Who’s Your Valentine?

472a1481fa26b41096334628e7fba322Valentines Day is one of those days that either gets you excited or makes you depressed. Personally, I love Valentines Day. Why? A reason to eat a lot of chocolate without judgment? I’m there. The reason people hate it is because they might feel like they don’t have someone to shower them with gifts or no one loves them when that’s not even true.

Boujie Mack The Hater
Don’t get me wrong. One time, I was at work and this chick got a huge bouquet of flowers, candy, baskets, you name it! (In my Shirley Ceasar voice). I ate some of her chocolates and hoped her man was cheating on her. I was such a hater. That came from feeling bad about myself and I was shady because I straight ate a whole bunch of her chocolates! Shameless!

Now, I have plans with Mr. Why Would I Love You this weekend, so that frees up my Valentines Day. He asked if I wanted to spend it with him but the issue is my schedule. I am donating goods to the homeless that afternoon and then I’m going to teach a class that evening. I won’t be home until almost 8 PM and I’m up at 530 that day. I’m usually wiped out by then. So Valentines Day will be celebrated this weekend. But I do have a date that night…

tumblr_nj90pvsoao1t4nsbpo1_500Love Your Girlfriends
One of my neighbors is a widow and this is her first Valentines Day without her husband. Instead of loving it up with Mr. Why Would I Love You, which I can do anytime, I am going to take her out for drinks. I’ll be her Valentine because I don’t want her hurting or feeling alone. Spending time with your girlfriends is so important because let’s be honest when your man or invisible man starts acting up, who supports you? Most dudes don’t care for Valentines Day, so why not spend it with someone who really would appreciate it.

Be Your Own Damn Valentine!
When I was in a long distance relationship, I didn’t spend Valentines Day with my former boo because it didn’t fall on the weekend. Actually, the ONE time we actually spent it together was our last Valentine together. Ha, the irony. (Fuck boi) So because we were apart, I would order my favorite Chinese food, pop open my favorite bottle of wine and watch a horror movie. I even got myself white chocolates and flowers. (I love both) And I was good! So I say all this to say, Valentines Day is not dooms day or a day to hate but it’s supposed to be about love. So if you aren’t getting the fancy stuff on this day then make someone else’s day by being nice to them. Send ya mama some damn flowers; it’ll make her day.

Wrapping up Mr. Why Would I Love You‘s gift…

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