Why Your Boo Shouldn’t Borrow Money

imagesEvery now and then you might be short some cash and your significant other may be short a few bucks. Those are times when it is fine to give them the extra they need. When it comes to big time money, such as paying for a car note or help in rent, that is a no no.

If you have children or financially take care of someone who you can write off on your taxes, yes you must supply them with their needs and sometimes wants if you have it. If this person does not contribute to your household, it does not matter how much you love them YOU ARE NOT A BANK. When a man starts asking you for money, it is time to give him the side eye, especially if you have not been together for long. Him asking you for anything is a major red flag.

article_photoWhat happens if you have been together for a while, it’s simple what does he need it for? If he is short because of some mishap or some kind of repair and you have established a healthy relationship, yes help your man. If he is late on his rent and next month is still short, he is going to need to get it together. It is not your job to hold down a man who is not your husband. When it’s till death do you part, cough it up. If you have been together for 6 months and you are paying bills… not the boujie way. Establish yourself in his life for a while before you pull out your checkbook.

With every rule there is an exception but understand how you are going to feel when you have funded this man and you are not even together. Real men get themselves together and you are not his mama. Again, I stress, there are different ways of supporting one another and the bank should not be one of them. You are better off giving to the church anyways.

Checking my bank account balance…


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