Will the mistress ever be accepted?

imagesWith so much talk on mistresses having a better hand when it comes to relationships, one has to wonder what life is like after they become, well the main woman. If a man decided to make his mistress honorable by marrying or her claiming her is his woman, does the family accept this? Mistresses actually have a harder time adjusting to the family because they know where the root of the relationship stemmed from. And if this man has women in his family that have been pushed to the side for some cheap fling, hell will be paid for her selfish actions.

Think about it. If a man has been with a woman for some time, the family can easily find out what happened between them or they already know what kind of man their family member is. That does not mean just because she snagged the man that life is going to be smooth sailing. There are other people to consider in this picture.

The-Other-Woman-natalie-portman-21622185-500-332If the man has been with a woman long enough and suddenly switches women, other people in his family may not exactly agree with this decision. They may not protest against it because people are grown but they damn sure may not welcome her with warm arms. If there are children involved, forget about a welcome wagon. The mistress will have more than she bargained for. There will be a lot of fake smiles and biting of the tongue on her part because she wants to be accepted. Most mistresses don’t like the feeling of constantly being looked at as a “homewrecker” and the magic dwindles down in the relationship. This does not make for a happily ever after. And if they are together, this woman is constantly looking over her shoulder. What kind of life is that?

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