Wives Wednesday: What You Should Do For Him Part II

loving_black_coupleI’ve been with my husband for six years and married to him for two years.  Although we, of course, work to keep it fresh, at times it can be pretty routine.  Life can become more about completing tasks—cleaning, cooking, working, laundry, etc—than actually living.  The trick, I think, is to find ways for you and your spouse to continuously and genuinely enjoy one another.  In other words, don’t forget how to have fun and always make time!  Here are a few ways I try to keep it sexy and entertaining with my husband: 

Date each other: I love dating my husband!  It makes me feel as special as I did when we first started dating.  Even after being together for six years, we still learn new things about each other that make us feel even closer.  Now, dating doesn’t mean you have to constantly break the bank or fall into a dinner and a movie routine. Use Groupon, and get creative!  My husband and I go indoor rock climbing, see museum exhibits, picnic in the park, or just drive to a parking lot with our favorite snacks to talk.  It’s really just about spending uninterrupted quality time with each other, no iPads, phones, or laptops.

Dating Bonus Tip:  When dating, you want to do things together that you both want to do, right?  Well, try writing down at least six activities each that you would like to do with each other (for a total of twelve) and putting them in a jar.  Each month, pick one activity from the jar for you both to do that month.  Having a “date jar” has really helped us keep things interesting.

in_love_with_a_married_manRecord your time together: Last but not least, take pictures or video of your time together.  I admit that this is one element in which my husband and I have slacked.  We used to take pictures and short video all the time, even when we were just relaxing together in the house.  When we look back at them, we are instantly transported back to that moment, back to that feeling, and it’s wonderful.  He and I are now starting to record our time together again because I am a firm believer that having tangible items that remind you of who you are and what you’ve done as a couple is important to a relationship, especially since time seems to speed on by.  Click and capture, I say!

Much Love, Mrs. Stephen

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