Other Woman Apologizes

imagesAnyone who has been cheated on is pissed at two people, their main squeeze and the other person their significant other was with. In a love triangle, we can accept (sometimes) an apology from our man but can we accept one from the woman your man cheated with?

I got this idea from watching Sex In the City; Carrie went to apologize to Big’s wife after finding out about their divorce. It also happened on Being Mary Jane at the end of season 1, Mary Jane goes to the woman’s house( drunk), apologized and even offered her tips on how to keep her man. For the other woman to apologize for what she did and go out of her way to let you know how sorry she is, why wouldn’t we take the time to listen and forgive? The hardest part about being betrayed is the outcome. What happens next, do you stay or go? When you make the decision, it is a walk you have to take alone, unlike you did before.

VIBE-Vixen-Being-Mary-Jane-RObinne-Lee-600x341I cannot say I would listen to the other woman. I would have to be a good place before sitting across a table from her or inviting her to my house. It takes a big woman to apologize for something as awful as an affair but it takes an even bigger woman to hear her out and forgive her. When you do someone wrong, especially an affair, apologizing and asking for forgiveness clears the conscience. There is no guarantee that you will get any love back but it’s the least you can do. On that same note, when someone goes out of their way to apologize to you, it is only fair that you accept it and forgive them. Unlike the adulterer, forgiveness is more for you than it is for them.

If this ever happens to you, I would hear her out. If you are still with your man, definitely listen to what she has to say and make peace. You don’t have to be best friends but show why he came home and how much of a better woman you are for him. If you and your man are not together, this will be a hard conversation to have but one you should have when you are ready. If you are not in the place to listen, tell her and it will be up to you to reach out when you are. Either way let it go and move on. Forgiveness isn’t easy but it will soothe your heart and head when you do and receive it.

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