Do Women Really Hate Each Other?

housewives-gifA friend of mine swears up and down that women hate each other. While there are moments when we pull out the claws, there is still a lot of love between us. The biggest trouble between women is fear. I’m not saying it is the only problem but it is the biggest.

Fear can stir up a lot of stuff. Fear starts with the thinking of someone being better, thinner, smarter, richer and a lot more advanced than you. Fear is in control of insecurities, it lights the flame for jealously, pushing people to be angry and unforgiving. I mean it is the start of most negative feelings people have for one another. Think about conflict people have with each other, what was the start of it? Someone being disrespected? Someone was rude? Someone should have texted back more than “K”. It stems from the feeling of fear.

If we can take a step towards trying to conquer these fears, would our relationships with each other strengthen? Start by accepting where you are in your life and having peace with it. Most people are not where they want to be or they want to be higher than where they are; it’s normal to want more. It also helps if we are more caring and less critical of each other. Women love to criticize each other and again, it stems from fear. Constructive criticism is fine but the shameful critique that demeans another woman isn’t cool. Call it “keep it real” if you want to but if it isn’t coming from a genuine place, shut it up.

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Boujie Mack

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