Work with Your Boo or Nah?

62760Spending time with your main squeeze is very important. You grow close to one another, create memories and etc. However, isn’t there is a time when you just want your space? Even when you are married, a little space is ok. But if you live with your boo and you work with them… is it in evitable you can get sick of being around them?

It is one thing to work for the same company as your man but working in the same department, having the same hours and going to home with one another is just overkill. The best part of having a fight with your man is being able to get away from him for a while, before you go home to deal with your problems. But if your problem is your ride to and from work, lunch buddy, next to your cubicle pal, how long will you both last?

mqdefaultUnless you are dating someone from your job, which is also a no-no, real work couples are just no fun. Imagine happy hour with your spouse just watching your every move. Or if your work bestie and your main squeeze don’t get along, how are you going to finagle that? Also, it is so obvious sometimes when a couple is fighting. If you are having problems at home and you both work in the same place, can you imagine how awkward it will be for people who work around you? God forbid you see your man, in the middle of a fight, speaking to that front desk girl with a short shirt on, who you just know is a slut. You might just lose your man, your job and need a lawyer!

670px-Convince-Your-Spouse-of-the-Value-of-Working-from-Home-Step-4I’m not saying it can’t work, I’m saying avoid it. Short story, when I worked in hospitality, I knew a woman who got her man a job at our job. We worked around a lot of women and many of them were sooo catty. When her man started working there, would you believe these women were flirting with him and spreading rumors about him sleeping around with guest, managers and other co-workers. Granted, he was a big flirt but I digress. It got to the point that she not only quit because she was always fighting with our co-workers, but she left the state because she felt humiliated because of everything that went down! She threw away a 5 years relationship that, according to her, was good until they started working together.

This is one extreme situation but it happens. Working together is a disaster and god-forbid someone is the boss. Getting some time away from home and away from work makes life easier. When you start merging the two… it can become a nightmare.

Rushing back home…

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