Is Your Ex in Distress?

The Heart Will Go OnBecause boujie girls have a conscience and hearts that beat love, there comes a time when someone from the past lurks up and needs you. What should you do? Chuck them the deuces and say you are not a psychologist or let them back in? Step one gut check. Step two.. get your EMOTIONS UNDER CONTROL!!!! Step three… continue to read Boujie Mack Blog… your sanity is going to depend on it.

If you have history with anyone, it is going to be very hard to disregard them if they are going through a hard time. Deaths are a particularly hard to have to face. If someone in their family that you know died, do you call? What if they call you? The easy part is if they do not contact you; it is ok send a condolence via text, email or flowers then move on. You can actually attend some kind of service to pay your respects. (Expect whispers tho…)

14082-banner-StrongMen625-1-4When you ex needs support, the first thing you have to do is get your emotions under control. Rebuke any romantic reconciliation thoughts from your head and concentrate on what they are going through. Remember, you are broken up for a reason. True change comes through growth not circumstance. The positives are you can actually become friends again and go from there. But don’t go into the situation with any thoughts other than you are being a friend. Do not lose focus on that.

You can also choose not to respond. You have the option of not being there for them. After all, if it were them, would they really be there for you, especially if someone else is keeping their bed warm? Plus, many times people can use these situations to get closer to someone. It’s a crutch and you need to stand with someone who doesn’t need a crutch to stand on when being with you. Go with your instincts and wish them the best.

Blocking certain incoming calls…


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