He Takes Your Last Name?

zoe-saldana-marco-perego-683x506Zoe Saldana, the actress, got married and had twins. What makes her story so interesting, other than she once dated the hot Bradley Cooper, is her cutie husband took her last name! This was not her idea; it was his. Despite her telling him that he might get criticized if he took her last name, he responded with, “So what?!” Nice. :)

Most women, and I am one of them, when we get married we tend to take our husband’s last name. I had gotten so accustomed to my married last name that after my divorce, I actually kept it for a while. However, some women don’t change their names at all. They’d rather keep their own names after they get married.

I’ve always said, because I hated the hassle of changing it and then later changing it back, that when I get married again, I won’t change my name. It’s too much of a hassle! But some women think they will lose their identity if they take their man’s last name. I don’t believe you do, in fact, I like this tradition but to each her own. However, what do you think about a man taking your last name? Is it emasculating?

This is a newer concept and it certainly goes against tradition. I don’t believe you lose your identity because you give up your name. After all, your name is something you have but it’s not something that makes you-you. (Unless you’re a Kardashian… just kidding!) For a man to go against tradition in this way, it says a lot about his strong character, good heart and shows how masculine he actually is. Love isn’t about what other people think, it is what you think of each other.

Thinking of my last names…

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